Burn the Ships!

“Burn the Ships” is an album by musical artists For King & Country. The title cut is based on a moving story about one member’s wife and a struggle she dealt with. It’s a powerful song. I just listened to it again and in the comments below the song on Youtube, I read about how the song saved the life of a person who was about to commit suicide. Just before carrying out their plan, this song came on and they’re alive to tell the story. Wow!

The idea of burning the ships comes from the 1500s and an explorer who knew his men would be tempted to board the ships and return to the comforts of home rather than move forward with the mission. So, he burned the ships … no way back! Now the expression means the same thing. It means to move forward and don’t look back.

A couple of years ago I became a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team. The then-president of the John Maxwell Team, Paul Martinelli, says “jump, and build your wings on the way down.” What a concept. Similar idea to burning the ships.

After years of “preparing” and talking about working full-time on a Leadership Coaching and Consulting business, I’ve jumped, I’ve burned the ships. On September 15, 2021 I incorporated “Engager Dynamics LLC.” My last day with PRIDE Industries was Friday, January 21, 2022. ” And today is my first day working full time in the business. I hired a consultant to help me with online marketing and here we go!

The business is about what I’ve been writing on in this blog for the past 3 years — I help leaders leverage 5-Star performance by engaging their people — I want to help leaders learn the importance of and how to engage their people as the single most powerful way to improve all their performance metrics.

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A Faith Based Approach to Habit Formation

On Sunday I was able to share again with our friends at Grace Community Church. The title of this one was “How to Make Righteousness Your Habit.” We don’t hear that word, Righteousness, very often these days. But, it’s a good word and imagine how our society would be if it were more people’s habit.

There was no video this week, but they posted the audio which I’ve attached here.


Listen to Christmas

This is the Monday before Christmas, 2019. What are you thinking about? If you’re like me, you’re thinking about a lot of things. One of the things on my mind is this post. What should I write about? I decided to see what I wrote about last year at this time, so I went back and discovered last year’s pre-Christmas post came out on Christmas eve. I didn’t write anything about the holiday. I wrote about “Barriers to Good Listening.” It was part of a series on “Listening: The Super-Power You Didn’t Know you Have.” You can find the posts listed on my “Posts By Category” page at engagerdynamics.com.

Listening seems like an appropriate topic for our thinking at this time of year. We “listen” to our family and friends, for example, when they tell us what they want for Christmas. Our son Justin’s Christmas list is a much anticipated piece of holiday literature each year. It’s a humorous proclamation of his “demands” with corresponding “consequences” should they not be met. If you knew Justin, you’d get how funny such an approach is.

My point is that we demonstrate how we’ve listened by the actions we take about those Christmas wishes. I call it Listening with Your Hands and Feet. What I’m thinking about now is, What does Christmas want from you? Strange question? Maybe. We hear a lot about “The Magic of Christmas” and “Christmas Miracles.” I believe the things we put into those categories are the result of someone’s answer to my question. This season asks something from us. As a person of faith, I think of it as “The Reason for the Season–Jesus” who is doing the asking. Whether you’re a person of faith or not, this season asks us to change our attitudes and actions.

As we wrap up the possibly frenetic activities leading into Wednesday, Christmas Day, let me challenge you to listen to the season. What does it want from you? I encourage you further to listen with your hands and feet.