Picture of meHi, I’m Jim Thomason. My wife and I have been married for over 40 years and we’ve been blessed with 5 amazing children. We’ve lived in 9 states and 2 countries.

I’m a Listener/Learner/Teacher type Leader. I love to read and study. I love having coffee with friends, old and new, and I love figuring things out. I’ve spent the last 20+ years in the Contract Management Services industry. I love learning how my clients understand, approach, and measure their business. My clients have  come from a wide variety of industries. I’ve served Transportation clients (airlines, rental cars, bus), Sports and Entertainment clients (baseball and football), Manufacturing clients (Food, Semi-conductor, Pharmaceuticals, Communications Systems), and Health Care clients (Hospitals, Medical Offices). I also had the privilege, with my wife and our 3 youngest children, to serve an international school in China.

Prior to all that I served as a pastor for 11 years. Over that time, our family served two churches in the Midwest part of the country.


That’s is a wide variety of experience, but one thread that ties it all together is people. Every organization I’ve been part of is made up of people, and  each of them is about providing something for people. I like to say, “It doesn’t matter what your widget is, every business is a people business.”


I said earlier that I love to figure things out. Mostly I love figuring out how to make things better. I firmly believe that you make any organization better by first improving the experience of your people. That’s what I’ve tried to be about. I hope this conversation will provide some insights that will make your life better.