A Special Day

I didn’t put up a normal Engager Dynamics post yesterday because I was honored to officiate at the wedding of my nephew Luke and his new bride Genevieve on Sunday.  Suzi and I drove from California to Colorado last week and are on our way home this week.

A wedding is a wonderful celebration. This one was in a beautiful outdoor setting with a mountain backdrop and a stream running alongside the venue. Aside from my car alarm going off right at the beginning (I’m not kidding about that), the ceremony went off without a hitch. 

There is a lot of planning and work that goes into a wedding. But, as I reminded the couple, the wedding is just the first day of the rest of their life together. I hope and believe they will put at least as much work and planning into their marriage every day as they did into their wedding.  They will also need the support of their family and friends. I challenged the wedding party to continue to stand with the couple from this day forward and those who gathered for the ceremony to continue to surround them with love and support.

I once saw a plaque hanging on the wall of a friend’s house that read “A Happy Marriage Is the Union of Two Good Forgivers!” That’s true and it’s good advice for all of us in all our relationships.

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